Being accepted as a father

It’s an oddball scenario worthy of a Hollywood tie-in. Think of your stereotypical basement-dwelling WoW or MMO playing dweeb: pallid, pimple-faced, fat (or scrawny), sickly, neck-bearded. His natural habitat: slouched in front of his computer, the blue glow of the monitor reflecting off his glasses. The sort of guy who would never ever, not even remotely get the chance to procreate. Now in the wake of tragic events he has his 8-year old nephew to raise as his own.

I never fell into that extreme of a stereotype, but that’s not too say I was normal either. I was never the athletic one. When my brother was playing football, I was messing around with computers. I never learnt how to use my hands, only how to type with them. The handyman, the carpenter, the mechanic – not I. Now I have a charge. It’s up to me to be a good role model and teach him what being a man means. It’s up to me to take him hiking, fishing and hunting in the great outdoors. It’s up to me to provide for him and make him look up to me. I hope when he grows up and looks back, he’ll be proud to have me as a father.

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