Learning to say Yes

This is a wondrous age we live in. No matter what your beliefs are, yours are always right. There is always some webresource out there on the internet that will support your views, some news channel (Fox, Russia Today) or commentator that you find syncs up with your world view and some forum sub-community of freaks ready to accept you as one of their own. Type a search phrase into google and you will find that global warming exists and is false, Obama is a Christian and Muslim and that The Secret World both sucks and is the best game ever made. Given that their opinion is supported by others, what use is voicing the contrary view even if it is correct? Being negative gets you nowhere. Web 2.0 has given all the tools for people to live cocooned in their own parallel universe and ignore, delete and block any dissent. Weight of opinion no longer matters, when that opinion can simply be erased with the press of a button. If you want your voice to be heard, you must say Yes!

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